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Penny Roberts
Penny Roberts
Former BBC Anchor & Chief Reporter
1990 - 2010
Tony O'Shaughnessy
Tony O'Shaughnessy
Former BBC Current Affairs Editor
2007 - 2010
Media Training Matters
Media Training Matters
Media training matters. There are no second chances when you face journalists who have serious questions about the work you do. You need to be practiced and prepared.

Tower Media provide high quality media training for the private, public and voluntary sectors. We are journalists with years of experience. You've seen our work on BBC Wales Today, Week In Week Out and numerous other radio and television programmes that have won awards and have been watched by millions of people.

Our training is challenging and realistic. We want our clients to be confident when they meet the media and our courses give them the inside track on how to handle journalists. We believe the best way to avoid the inevitable risks of dealing with the media is through focused and practical training. Our training can prepare you for :

Press Interviews                                           Live and Recorded Radio Interviews
Live TV Interviews                                       Debate programmes
Expertise/comment interviews                  Presenting to "difficult" audiences
TV soundbites                                              "Remote" down-the-line Interviews

We work intelligently to help shape our clients’ media messages. And we aim to help our clients get positive coverage too, by showing them what it takes to attract interest from news organisations. Our philosophy is that with the right training, effective messages can be delivered by a wide range of people within organisations. We believe you have little to fear and much to gain from a pro-active attitude towards the media.

We are not just great journalists - we are experienced trainers and we have worked with clients ranging from the UK corporate sector to major international charities. We offer a thorough grounding in the way the media really works – and how it can be made to work for you.

See our latest course feedback here.

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